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Remember in 2013 when Broadway Black posed the question, Could Matilda ever be black on Broadway???

The final consensus amongst our followers was unanimous, she absolutely could be. And when that day came, we would lose our minds. Well, the day has arrived and we’ve done just that.

Matilda The Musical is now in its fifth year in London with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Earlier this year it was announced that Zaris-Angel Hator, Clare Read and Emily-May Stephenson will alternate the role alongside the most recent Matilda Evie Hone. On March 31st Zaris-Angel made history and had her first performance as Matlida in her West End debut. This makes the 12-year-old the first black Matilda of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Amazingly enough, Zaris-Angel taught herself to dance through YouTube and television after being inspired by Michaela DePrince and her book, Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina. #BlackGirlMagic

From the looks of Twitter and Facebook, Zaris-Angel absolutely killed her performance and even inspired many who loved that there was a little black girl who looked like their daughters on the stage. Further proof that  representation matters. This performance shows to many other black girls, they too could be Matilda, if they choose. The West End has the right idea, so how about it Broadway?

You go Zaris, over across the pond at Broadway Black we are rooting for you. Keep on shining!


  • Jozef Kis

    Please white parents and a black child !!!! Saw the show and it was great , but the book wasn’t written to have a black Matilda with white parents? Zaria didn’t play Matilda tonight but she was really good in her part. Not a racist remark just a fact ….

  • Holly Wright

    I Watched Zaris yesterday and she was awesome, so talented.

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