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Yes, you read that headline correctly. Motown The Musical is closing a mere 19 days after its opening.

The show based on the history of Motown Records, the Detroit-based record company that gave the world Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye and so many others, was set to have a limited run. It was initially set to end the limited engagement Nov. 13. Now producer, Kevin McCollum, has announced the show will be closing July 31.

The musical was recently on Broadway back in 2013 and ran for 775 performances to great reviews, but this second go-round the build up and hype for the show wasn’t there (sips tea), so the show only reached about 37 percent of its grossing potential last week.

*Stands on soap box*

It’s a sad time on Broadway for us. With some of our favorite shows closing abruptly and the upcoming season looking melanin deficient, we can only keep our fingers crossed that things will turn around. Everyone wants to take a chance on a “Hamilton”, but it appears to be disingenuous and “just business.” If “diversity” doesn’t make a dollar right away, it’s shelved and we end up right back where we started. Shows written and performed by people of color are not “trendy”. They are a reflection of our lives and our lives matter. We deserve to be represented and, more importantly, we deserve to be FAUGHT FOR.

So here is our call out. Calling all aspiring Broadway producers, writers, actors, media OF COLOR! Now is the time to get inspired and step up to the plate! It is a fact that people only fight for what they believe in. We believe in ourselves. It’s time to prove it.

*Steps down off soap box*

You have little more than a week to catch Motown The Musical before it closes! Get your tickets now!



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