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While I spent most of the night crying over those HISTORIC Tony wins, once the tears subsided I had a come to Jesus moment. Although this has been the most exciting and dazzling Broadway season yet, I can’t help but notice some shows didn’t fare as well as expected. So here are a few snubs that happened at the 2016 Tony Awards!

SNUB: Shuffle Along went away empty handed, yes even in choreography. 

I mean sure, we all guessed that it would be #Hamiltonys, but I didn’t quite expect it to sweep in every category that it did. While  Hamilton deserves all the acclaim because it truly lives up to the hype, there is one category I am not ashamed to be salty about- Best Choreography. To quote Yeezy the Great, “Hamilton, I’m gonna let you finish, but Shuffle Along had the greatest choreography of all time– ALL TIME.”  I mean the tapping is out of this world, the opening number the Shuffle Along cast did for The Tonys didn’t even show all that it is capable of. The ensemble of Shuffle Along is the most talented bunch of dancers I’ve seen in a very long time, especially of the 2015-2016 season. Not to discredit Blankenbuehler in any way, it’s just that most industry insiders figured since Ham was destined to win everything else, Savion Glover had a huge shot in this category. I guess the Tony voters didn’t think so. Way to throw away your shot. In another season, Shuffle Along would have taken this, but that Hamilton reign just won’t let up.

SHOCKER: The President and First Lady Introducing Hamilton 

Like, WHAT?! Sure it was via satellite, but they were still in the room where it happened. Of course, the only way to top Oprah introducing your show is to have the President of the United States, Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama introduce you. Just rude, Ham.

SNUB: No Tony for Pascale Armand or Saycon Sengbloh

Despite both actresses being in the same category and what was a sure bet that one of them would take it, the Humans’ Jayne Houdyshell took home the trophy. Eclipsed did have tough competition in most of the categories, but this one we figured was a shoe in for one of our favorite Broadway Black actresses. But there is always a silver lining, these talented actresses have a bright future ahead of them and they’ll surely get one down the road. Likewise for director Liesl Tommy. And I’m sure Danai Gurira is only getting started. They did manage a win for Best Costume Design of a Play.

SHOCKER BUT NOT REALLY: Audra McDonald High Kicking and Tap Dancing While Pregnant 

I know, I KNOW. Just because a woman is pregnant doesn’t mean that life stops. I know this, I KNOW THIS. Still there is something magical about watching Queen Audra McDonald tap her heart out. And sing like the angel she is. And then that high kick. And then remembering that SHE’S PREGNANT TOO. Come on Audra! Stop setting the bar so high for the rest of us. But then again don’t stop, because you continue to slay and keep everyone else on their toes. For example, me going to a gym after being allergic to it for 4 years, now when I go I will ask myself W.W.A.D and remember that high kick on June 12th.

Sound off below. What were some of the biggest snubs and shockers for you?


  • GaGirrl

    The only snub I felt was in choreography and I agree in any other season, Shuffle Along would have done much better. It does have some minor book issues in Act 2, especially when the dancing isn’t going on, which may have been what dropped it behind in some areas, although I could watch Audra and Brian Stokes Mitchell sing the alphabet and be happy.

    POTUS and FLOTUS introducing Hamilton isn’t a shocker – Lin-Manuel Miranda’s been to the White House twice and President Obama has visited the cast of Hamilton in NYC. They’re uber fans – I wasn’t surprised at all.

    And Queen Audra just slayed. I had to remind people that she was pregnant. Bow before your betters, people.

  • Kei

    The BIGGEST shocker/snub was Shuffle Along not walking away with Best Choreography! Like you said, we all knew it was going to be the HamilTonys and that was fine the show is innovative and deserves all the accolades it received…except in ONE category…choreography. Savion had his team tapping their heads off, and took people who NEVER tapped or hadn’t in a long time and turned them into some of the most talented dancers I’ve ever seen on Broadway! My bar has been set for amazing choreography in a show and it will take a long time for someone to ever meet it now…and I doubt surpass it.

    You know what though, isn’t Best choreography usually shown,I feel like in all previous years we see the people getting the Tony for that but this year it’s like the broadcasters and those who did the Tony voting knew that it’d be kind of an upset so they pushed it to quick shown wins along with the Tony tech/off stage awards so as not to upset us. I really do feel like Shuffle Along got shafted…not one award…not even costumes, and they were gorgeous. I understand that this was the year of the Hamilton, but for Shuffle Along not to walk away with ANYTHING??? Slightly devastating.

    *Also I thought Hamilton was sorta third in the best choreography category, i thought Sergio Trujillo, who choreographed “On Your feet” did a wonderful job from what I saw. I didn’t get a chance to see the show but I spoke with a very nice woman at The Blackout party who went back 3 times to see it and from the Tony performance, I can definitely see how this was winning material as well. I think this is one of those time when Hamilton was just on the brain for the Tony voters and no one else stood a chance regardless.

    Not a shocker? AUDRA SLAAAAYYYYYIIINNNNGGGGG while pregnant…I mean it’s not shocking, she’s the QUEEN, but it is still so amazing to see it. Jaw dropping everytime and I can’t stop watching the Shuffle Along performance…I mean can we PLEASE get that cast album, that thing is required listening!

    I’m also sorry Eclipsed didn’t get anything, I had seen it the afternoon before and I was amazed, the story was very heartbreaking and the acting was wonderful. The choices women had to make to survive, all different but in a way, all understanding and complicated. Unfortunately I had seen many theatre talks and knew that most critics had put “The Humans” as a winner, so I somewhat suspected Saycon and Pascale to not get it, but they have many chances to get a Tony so I don’t worry for them, they’re too talented but I do wish one of them had won.

  • Tyler Riley

    This should have been Danny Burstein’s year, his performance in Fiddler was PHENOMENAL!

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