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This is a plea to Tina Turner.

This a plea to Tina Turner’s estate.

There was a rumor circling in theater and music circles for a year that a musical about Ms. Turner’s life may become a musical. Well, it started as a rumor. But it seems to becoming more and more reality every day. Last year a few fan sites have mentioned at the famed singer and Grammy winner might be working with Dutch music producer Joop van den Ende to bring the project to life.

According to TinaTurnerblog.com ,Ms. Turner and Dutch music producer and businessman Joop van den Ende have been in talks for months about the project. Finally, in late September the two signed a contract.

What will the show be about? Again according to the site:

It will be an international production: the premiere will take place either in New York or London. Tina’s preference is London, because of her history with the city and her success in Europe. Opening night will be either November/December 2016 or March 2017.

Apparently, there is even a script which starts the film in a courtroom right after Turner’s divorce.

Joop van den Ende explained all this on dutch television. But it was in Dutch.

We don’t speak Dutch.

But his company Stage Entertainment had this on their website:

Mr van den Ende and Stage Entertainment are in the development process of a musical based on the life of Ms. Turner that will premiere in London or New York within two years.

Regardless of our language barrier, we want to shout to the mountaintop that we are psyched at the possibility of a Turner project. Ms. Turner’s life is poised to be set to music and dance. It was made for the stage, and we are still jonzing from What’s Love Got to Do With It.

We will keep you posted as news arrives but get our best dancing shoes on and hope our Bey before there was a Bey star gets a chance at a musical maybe, we hope, on the Great White Way.


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