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What do Jill Scott, Chance the Rapper, and The Roots all have in common? They clearly all love me, because while we the people played and replayed the Hamilton soundtrack, The Hamilton Mixtape was in the works! On December 2, The Hamilton Mixtape, will bless the world with music that unites the revolutionaries of music and their take on Hamilton’s story. Three tracks from the project were recently released and they give new life to Hamilton’s most beloved songs.



“Satisfied” left me stunned! Queen Latifah made a powerful return to theatre and hip hop in one fell swoop. She joined Miguel and SIA in a rendition of “Satisfied” that unearthed passion in the way that only SIA can. Hamilton honored its East Coast roots with an electric rendition of “My Shot. The Roots and, the inspiration behind Hercules Mulligan, Busta Rhymes. The song provided a look back into the origins of hip hop that inspired the musical’s existence, it brought revolutionized the song’s most classic hit and definitely has me desperate for more.

Hamilton was built from a love of hip hop and the written word. This love is etched throughout each of the twenty three songs that make up this project. On December 2nd, the voices of Andra Day,  Alicia Keys, and more will reimagine the show’s classics while Chance The RapperDessa, and others give life to Hamilton’s unsung songs.

While the world is reeling from political upsets, artists are arming themselves with the gift of song and we get to hear it. I hope you’ll join me in stanning to Jill Scott annihilating “Say Yes To This.” As we anticipate John Legend’s take on “History Has Its Eyes On You” and an Usher-Burr mashup, Lin-Manuel has already hinted at another mixtape. Stay ready, y’all. Hamilton is non-stop!

What track has you counting down to December 2nd?


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