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When Cynthia Erivo is on stage, stand to your feet! Point blank and the period.

Involuntary cheering and standing ovations happened time and time again for the Tony Award winner! While watching her Tony Award performance at our Blackout Party, attendees were jumped to their feet, some on stood on top of chairs cheering, others raised their glasses, and everyone screamed when she was awarded “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical,” the applause was thunderous and unanimous.

But is it really a surprise that she took home a Tony along with the entire cast? The Color Purple is perhaps the only musical to have multiple standing ovations throughout the show—the most I’ve seen was three in one night.

Where they do that at?!

No, seriously, where?

It has been said that a night at the show is like a church service to viewers and a safe haven where people feel spiritually connected.

In fact, during the Blackout Party, I glanced around at several attendees with their hands raised, heads shaking, shouting “yaaaaaaas,” as soon as Carrie Compere opened the number singing her throat awwwwf! I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt the need to surrender when Carrie ushered us in.

And please don’t get me started on Danielle Brooks, who led the song as if she had been doing so every night of her entire life (the medley was newly arranged specifically for the Tony Awards.) Danielle took on the lead verse with a confident tone, the kind of voice you hear right before the “shouting” drum beat comes in (at church) and the ushers’ lap scarves come out!

Heather Headley so gracefully glided across the bridged chairs, combining the passionate moves from “Push da Button” with churchy lyrics. She pulled it off and we ran with it!

And when Cynthia “Tony Winner” Erivo slowed the tempo, for a moment, everyone in the room paused. I think that is when everyone in the room agreed she should take home the Tony.

Miss Celie planted a small seed of faith that we can all take with us. We see her perseverance and determination to finally look inside of herself for all that she needs in order to survive. When she proclaimed “I’m here,” she stood present for all humanity.

Take a look for yourself!

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