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The New Great Comet Is Lulu Fall’s “Pretty For A Dark Girl”

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We often hear a great deal about the humanitarian efforts, music projects, and performances of the supposed “top tier” leading actors & actresses of Broadway, but the true waves and movements seem to come from those that hold down the ensemble.

Lulu Fall is a D.C. born vocalist, composer, and one ensemble member you can’t miss when you visit the Imperial Theatre to take in Broadway’s  Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. Her bright pink natural hair makes her stand out amongst a cast full of eccentric characters, reflective of her personality which also stands out in her everyday life.

Part of that life is the upcoming release of a music video and music single for “Pretty For A Dark Girl.” from the forthcoming album “The Unpaved Road,” which will be released August 22, 2017. This is a joint project with Count Basie Orchestra arranger, trumpeter, soloist Kris Johnson, who also serves as the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Utah. The video features several women close to Fall including Sumayya Ali (The Great Comet), Anita Welch (FOX’s Black Nativity), Louise Fall (Lulu Fall’s mother), & The 2017 Tony Award Nominee Denée Benton (Leading Actress of The Great Comet.)

“As a child, I was teased because of my skin color and for having African parents. As an adult, I was told my beauty was an exception for my skin tone, because dark-skinned women aren’t considered to be as desirable. This song sheds light on Colorism. This song empowers Black women, and all women who were discriminated against because of their looks. This song is about me.”

 – Lulu Fall

This song is about Colorism. It highlights the harsh prejudices and stereotypes that darkskinned women and girls face interculturally, specifically in the African American community. As a dark-skinned woman, Lulu Fall pulled from her personal experiences, testimonies from female friends and family, and the social media community to shed light on such a taboo subject.

Lyrics by Lulu Fall, music by Lulu Fall and Kris Johnson Performed by Lulu Fall with the Kris Johnson Group Video directed and edited by Christen Cofer


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Tituss Burgess Has New Music, A New Movie, & No Time For Mess + The Preacher’s Wife Musical Update

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Tituss Burgess' Saint Tituss EP cover
Tituss Burgess' Saint Tituss EP cover

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Tituss Burgess gave us an update on his musical adaptation of the 1996 movie, The Preacher’s Wife – starring Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. On the late-night talk show, a viewer called in to ask if there had been any updates regarding the show and Burgess shared that:

“ We are very close to signing with a hot-shot producer in New York, which means that the show is closer to appearing in London or here. But there’s also a recent development which could delay it for the better. You’ll find out about it later”

So not only do we know that the musical is still on its way to bless us, but there is an announcement about the show on the way! If you ask me, this is incredibly exciting. Tituss Burgess’ career has gone from stage to screen, and his abilities as an actor and singer are undeniable. Knowing that we are closer to seeing his skills as a musical theatre composer is mad exciting. Watch a clip from the interview above.

While we wait for The Preacher’s Wife Musical, listen to Burgess’ newly released EP Saint Tituss. Burgess sings his face off as he skillfully talks about issues that are personal and political — all while wrapping things up with a joyous celebration of resilience as positivity. He also has two songs that feature Daniel J. Watts including the single 45

St. Tituss is available on Spotify, apple music, and other streaming platforms.

He also has a new movie on the way. “Dolemite Is My Name” starring Eddie Murphy along with Burgess, Mike Epps, Chris Rock, & more will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. A national release date has not been set as of yet but is sure to be on its way.


While discussing the new movie during the same interview, Cohen asked Burgess about his relationship with Murphy. The way Cohen presented the question insinuates there might have been a problem between the two because of a ‘problematic past with the gays’ on Murphy’s part. The response given by Burgess is swift and loaded with “you tried it, but you won’t get me”:

“He wasn’t problematic for Tituss. We had a wonderful time. We talked about Dreamgirls and he should have won the Oscasr, I believe. He was great. Any troubles he may have had with gay people I guess are gone because he loved me.”

It is the following facial expression and the interaction that comes afterward that makes live television great. You can see Burgess say something to someone off-camera which leads Cohen to ask what he’s saying. Burgess replies with a soon-to-be iconic response to everything: “Keep going, girl. Do your show.”

and this is why we live.

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Beyoncé Releases The Lion King: The Gift Album & Spirit + Bigger Extended Video

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There aren’t any words necessary beyond Beyoncé. She is truly in a lane of her own is consistently reinventing industry guidelines and standards. This type of domination is unparalleled. She’s crossing over into every nook and cranny.

The Lion King inspired album by Beyoncé has arrived, and our lives are now over. Appropriately titled The Lion King: The Gift, this new album with African influences is what we needed to go along with the film classics. We didn’t know it, but King Bey did thank goodness.

Along with the 27 track album, Beyonce has also dropped a music video for the first single “Spirit,” and just today an extended cut of the video that includes the first song from the album, “Bigger” has been released.

Get into the album on any streaming platform of your choice.

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