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Often times people think that when you do one thing for a cause that you’ve done your part, the work is then over. Well, the Broadway Black community showed up and showed out for #BWAY4BLM on August 1st. However, it’s been unanimous throughout the community, that was only the beginning.

The Broadway for Black Lives Matter Collective has transformed, renewed and refined to propel their mission for change. Now the Broadway Advocacy Coalition, the focus seems stronger than ever, defining their keys to success as Education, Engagement, Enlightenment, & Empowerment.

Amber Iman, Britton Smith, Adrienne Warren, Cameron J. Ross, Christian Dante White, & Jackie Bell tell us more about BAC in their introductory video and how they’ve created a portal for change, connecting artistry and activism. Artivism.

Broadway Advocacy Coalition

Mission Statement:
The Broadway Advocacy Coalition aims to educate and enlighten our community on its rights, roles, and responsibilities. To engage and empower our community, through open forums and discussions, concerts, media, and service, in order to bridge the gap between artistry and activism as we move towards positive social change.

What We Believe:
We believe in the power of the arts to collaborate and converse with the community the beliefs of equality, and that together change is possible.  


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