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Many of us remember where we were 14 years ago on September 11. But what about last year?

Broadway actress, Christina Sajous (“Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark”, “American Idiot”) and Ethan Paulini are fighting to erase that memory. The memory of racial slurs, hand cuffs, and police misconduct.

After a night of enjoying an off Broadway production, Sajous and Paulini hail a taxi looking to reach their Harlem destination. After requesting to travel via the West Side highway, the driver, Gregory Adolph, refused the route and began the debauchery.

“I don’t have to do anything for a n- – – -.”

Paulini interjected, only to be met with: “Now the fa- – – – got something to say.”

Their threat to call the police left Adolph unfazed and unbothered.

The pair decided to finish the trip on the subway, but not without paying $20 to a $19.50 fare. Thinking they dogged a headache, Sajous and Paulini head to the station only to be met by the police.

As it turns out the driver was armed with more than just offensive words, but actions to back it up. He called the police claiming Sajous and Paulini did not pay.

Paulini reaches for his receipt to show the officers he paid the fare, instead, the two are handcuffed and told to share their receipt with the judge.

“So (the driver) can insult us and we are the ones getting arrested?” says Sajous. Enforcing superiority in one word, the cop replied “yup”.

They were arrested and booked for not paying their fare and resisting arrest, but luckily those charges were dropped last year.

Saujous and Paulini vs Adolph, the officers, and the city will meet in court for settlements.

No one mourns the wicked. 

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