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If you weren’t by your television last night for >>>this week’s episode of Scandal<<< then you still have some tears that you don’t know need to be shed. Tony Award winning actor Courtney B. Vance took us on a ride last night with his portrayal of a father whose son was shot and killed by a police officer. Sound familiar?

Creator of Scadal, Shonda Rhimes, took a very interesting stance with this episode and it was felt deeply and immensely by all that were watching. Many could not believe that what we were watching simply because it hit the nail on the head. Every word, every move, every action took us through our own turmoil. The trumoil and disgust and anger and sadness that we’ve had to feel time and time again with the cold blooded killings of black bodies and the lack of care for their lives before and after their deaths.

One of the most chilling moments was when Vance took a lawn chair and sat down over his dead son’s body. It was Joe Morton, Papa Pope from Scandal, who described that moment perfectly.

Vance gave a powerful performance that sat in the spirits of us all long after the episode aired. We know we have to watch it again but we just need a moment to recoup. It truly cuts that deep.

But Vance knew what was to come and so he prepared. Below you’ll find a video where he talks about his involvement in the episode, how it reflects today’s society, and how it helps continue a discussion that we hope will continue to change lives. You can also watch the entire episode below.



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