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Tamar Davis has a voice that makes you want to sit down, shut up, and listen. It doesn’t glide, it soars. It isn’t bound by a genre, it’s unique in style and choice.

We recently had a chat with Tamar and she let us in on her experience working with Tyler Perry, “The Voice,” and on the Motown: The Musical Tour.

I don’t know about y’all, but Tamar Davis alone was my reason for tuning into “The Voice.” I mean, did you hear her make Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” into a brand new song? MY GOD (Watch below). Tamar went on to be part of Team Christina, and although she did not win the competition, we were lucky to hear her voice in a live capacity again. From our conversation, we have Mr. Perry’s encouragement to thank for her presence on “The Voice.” Apparently there’s more to credit to be given his way!

“Tyler Perry is a man of vision and integrity!”

Tamar has been working with Mr. Perry since 2008 and has been featured in The Marriage Counselor, Laugh to Keep from Crying, Madea’s Big Happy Family, A Madea Christmas, and Madea Gets a Job.

Reflecting on his leadership, she says:

“You’re either going to know why you’re there or miss why you’re there. If he wants something excellent, he wants it excellent or he doesn’t want it done at all.”

This level of expectations seems to be cultivated from a level of freedom that Mr. Perry chooses to operate in. His productions are non-union, and instead of looking at this as a taboo, Davis compares her experience to one filled with freedom. “He has the right to be free,” she says; and that he is.

It’s undeniable that Tyler Perry has made a significant print in the world of the arts. “Where there’s a gap, there’s someone meant to fill that gap,” Tamar explained. “Who would have ever thought a man of his caliber—African American– would have his own studios competing with the biggest of the biggest studios? You have to applaud it.”

Perry has brought plays and music to an audience that might not normally go to Broadway. While Tamar has grown and thrived in this space, we were also thrilled to see her on the Motown: The Musical tour as Gladys Knight and an understudy for “Diana Ross”.

Having worked with many Tyler Perry plays and the Motown tour for two years, Davis walked us through the differences between the union and non-union work. She cited a longer rehearsal period, 401k and benefit options, as well as the protection provided by being in a union, as the main differences.

When asked if she would do another Tyler Perry play again, she was quick to say yes! However, she is no longer able to work in those productions, as she is part of the union.

Reflecting one last time, she said: “I am a true believer in trusting your spirit. It’s one of the best things I ever did.”

Well, we’re glad for your time with Mr. Perry. If  that work and experience takes you down the path of television and film, that you desire to trek (and hopefully back to Broadway), we approve!

A woman of great talent and great heart, Davis lends her talents to our next generation of artists through her fine arts academy. She advises students to “make sure you work with people with great vision and great work. Hone in on your skills. A good role in a good piece can change your whole life.”

Most recently, Tamar held a live concert at The Oak in Houston, Texas. She says her second album is on the way and to be on the look out for her presence in college tours and festivals. Catch her music on iTunes and TamarDavis.com

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