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The Broadway Edition of  The Covenant House Sleep Out is quickly approaching! This year’s goal is $350,000 in service to 51,000 youth as some of our Broadway Black stars take part in Covenant House Sleep Out–Audra McDonald (Executive board member at Covenant House), Adrienne Warren (Shuffle Along), Broadway Serves.

The Sleep Out Movement established by the Covenant House, is a movement that occurs across the US and Canada. Men and women of various lifestyles and professions meet with a cardboard box, sleeping bag, and compassionate heart, to sleep on the street for one night. The movement is comprised of several themed editions such as: Mother’s Edition, Young Professional Edition, Executive Edition, Student Edition and Corporate Edition.

Over the years, the donations and funds received from the Sleep Outs have allowed Covenant House to remain a safe haven for homeless youth. To date, the Sleep Out Movement has raised over $20 million. 

The Sleep Out is not organized to pretend to be homeless. In fact, here’s Audra McDonald’s (Shuffle Along) explanation of the movement, as told to Covenant House:

Our goal for the Sleep Out is not to pretend we are homeless, but to raise money that goes directly for food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, education, job training, and short and long-term housing for homeless kids.

The hope is to raise awareness and demonstrate love toward the children who are without a home. In doing so, sleeping on the streets for one night will extend compassion to the children who are alone.

In 2014, Broadway sleepers sang a riveting impromptu rendition of “Lean on Me” to the kids at the crisis center.

There are also a few fun incentives by joining the movement such as the chance to:

  1. See Hamilton!
  2. Get a personal video from Queen Audra!
  3. Receive memorabilia from Shuffle Along!

To participate in the Covenant House Sleep Out Movement (Broadway Edition), register here.

The event will take place outside the NYC Covenant House (460 West 41st Street New York, NY 10036)  on August 15 from 7pm-7am with several meetings, interactions with former homeless youth and who knows, maybe another impromptu performance.  


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