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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST | 2017 Trailer | Official Disney UK

Watch the official UK Trailer for the 2017 Live Action Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. Starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, Be Our Guest and become enchanted by this Tale as Old as Time! Are you a fan of Belle, the Beast and the rest of the cast?

If the new Beauty & the Beast wasn’t on your radar before, go ‘head and lock in March 17, 2017 because Queen Audra is opening the show.

Broadway royalty Audra McDonald will be playing the role of the lively wardrobe, Madame De Garderobe and according to composer Alan Menken, will have a special moment in one of the three new songs written for the highly anticipated production.

“It’s a moment within the prologue, just before the spell befalls the castle,” noted Menken. “We’re actually at an event at the Prince’s castle, where the Prince is about to be turned into the Beast, and he’s in his very selfish and self-indulgent phase of his life, and we see that, and we have the magnificent Audra McDonald singing this number.”

McDonald is one major part of a star-studded cast including Broadway vets Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Josh Gad and Kevin Kline.

The tale is being brought to life under the direction of Dreamgirls and Chicago film director Bill Condon, so we know we’re in for a good thing!

Check out the trailer below and be sure not to be on CP time on March 17 so you can get ALL the life Mama McDonald has to give.


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