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Harlem continues to be the nucleus of black culture, love, and theatre for more reasons than one. And boy, we can’t get enough of it.

Black playwrights and directors, rise up. Theatre lovers, rise up.

Harlem 9 celebrates the past, present, and future of Black theatre with the annual event, “48 hours in… Harlem.” Presented in association with National Black Theatre, “48 Hours in… Harlem” features 10-minute impressions of 6 Black plays. That’s 6 playwrights, 6 directors, 18 actors— a tradition, that in its sixth year, continues to uplift and encourage the sharing of stories about the black experience by those who experience it.

This year’s line-up includes Directors— Smeralda Abel, Rhone Greene, Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Eric Ruffin, Elizabeth VanDyke, Logan Vaughn, Playwrights— Angelica Chéri, Camille Darby, Nilan Johnson, Cassandra Mendley, Germano Toussant, and Korde A. Tuttle.

Harlem 9 was founded in 2010 as a collaborative charged with producing black work that enhances rich and diverse history of storytelling. Thank goodness for this partnership, because the work of Harlem 9 is the type of work we need to keep supporting.

To support this festival, the price of admission is $25. “48 hours in… Harlem” is on August 14, 2016 7pm & 9:30pm at The National Black Theatre of Harlem. Get tickets HERE!

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