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4 Black Productions Raising Money for Indie Projects Right Now !



During the summer up and coming playwrights are often staging work at festivals and raising money for their independent projects.

Here is our list of Black Artists who are producing work worth supporting in  the coming weeks.

48HOURS IN… HARLEM  @ The National Black Theatre

2031 National Black Theatre Way New York, NY 10035.

6 Playwrights.  6 Directors.  18 Actors. All giving raw impressions of 6 provocative black plays. Founded in 2010, Harlem9 is a collaborative producing organization, comprised of a group of Black theatre professionals from various backgrounds. Their mission is to produce together, exploring the past, present and future of black culture, celebrating its rich and diverse history of storytelling.  Give to their Go Fund Me  Their goal is to raise 10k by July 31st.

The Great Dismal Swamp is takes stage at The Tank Theatre’s Lady Fest on August 20th 3pm

151 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036.

Playwright & Poet Jamara Wakefield. The Great Dismal Swamp, takes place in the United States at the turn of the century during the Convict Leasing Era. At the center of the action is The Great Dismal Swamp who has witnessed the decimation of the land, water, and observed the dehumanization of black bodies in the American South. When a young woman Dande comes to live in The Great Dismal Swamp their relationship is magical, musical, and complicated. All the while they seek to find healing, release trauma, and find freedom for themselves together in the Reconstruction South. Directed by Imani. Starring  Nora Cole, 
Kim Yancey-Moore  and LaVonda Elam .  Support their Go Fund Me ! All proceeds go to paying actors and providing low income tickets to low income women, QPOC and students. They need to raise 3k  by August 20th.


Her First Kill  A Film by  Nike Kadri . The film highlights two physically and emotionally adept women of color in roles that challenge and encourage societal change. By breaking down stereotypes about motherhood, female strength, and certain cultural expectations for women, Her First Kill aims to create a societal paradigm shift. HFK is changing the game! 80% of the cast and crew identify as female or trans and are people of color. HFK also passes the Bechdel Test so we are challenging normative notions of femininity.  Support their online campaign HERE

The Watah Theatre contributes to, supports, and develops the legacy of Black Theatre in Canada by cultivating and sharing a unique African-Caribbean-Canadian feminist theatre aesthetic, heavily informed by the radical performance tradition of Jamaica’s dub poetry and dub theatre. The company insists on challenging systemic barriers that exclude Black and diverse theatre artists, giving Black and diverse arts practitioners a local, national and international platform to showcase and celebrate their work.  Support their Go Fund Me

Please join in supporting these 4 amazing campaigns today!

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